Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Back FrOm aFrica...

..well I didn't really go to the mother land but I might aswel ave! The amount of Nigerian weddings and parties I have attended within da past couple months, I tell ya...

If you have ever been to an African party/wedding you can definalty relate to this post..

You know you are at an African social gathering when ...

"Spraying"...The celebrant &/or best dancers get showered with $dollars even thou we are in England.

All the daughters under the age of 30 have to help serve food.

Me plus 1 really mean me plus 100 and my whole tribe..

Live band playing sum serious "Shina Peters"

Supermalt & Guinness... as my pops would say... SUUPAMOT!! To wash down sum mouth watering Jelof and fried rice...

Not forgetting there is like 500 people in a hall with a maximum capacity of 100.. and by the end of the night you go home with packed lunch for work the next day and a whole bunch of random gifts such as mugs, bags, umbrellas and household cleaning products like bleach with da celebrants face on it....

You gotta love your culture..

Nigerians + big hall + birthday/wedding = "DANCE DANCE DANCE.. AND FORGET YOUR SORROWS!"

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Cut me some slack!!!

We've been gone for a hot minute, tryna get some personal issues sorted out, like gettin my third nipple surgically removed or JonBoy getting his Circuits rewired. Whatever the reason we were gone, I've decided that I'm going to return to posting as quite a few people actually enjoyed my posts and gave us quite a bit of shit for not Posting.

So just an easy one to kick off...

Take a look at the latest Promo for my homies @Origmoz and @EmaTheKid for the soon to be released mixtape, ABOVE & BEYOND!!!

Ema-The-Kid & Origimoz : ABOVE & BEYOND (Promo 02) from On.Cut Films on Vimeo.
Above & Beyond Promo Video 01
Video : 5d Mark II, Iscorama 36 and Nikkon 55mm f/1.2

This is the kinda easy laid back listening I need in order to be productive, so I'm actually mad excited, and pee'd myself a little when I heard the instrumental in the Video...the video production is pretty tight too.

Above & Beyond + Chicken + Kush Sativa = Creativity cummin out my balls!!!

Great to be back!!!