Sunday, 30 August 2009

The Foreign Echange

If you havn't ipod'd The foreign Exchange’s album 'leave it all behind' yet, strongly suggest u go cop/download/burn it asap... its "feel good music" at it finest mate. This track (house of cards) is a good'n along with many others. ave'a look 4 yourselves.. .

Good concept + good music = "shit.. That was amazin"


Friday, 28 August 2009

"Di Forbidden Dance"

So with little or no persuasion I've decided to attend the annual Notting Hill Carnival this weekend, but not to whine 'pon girls half my age in a crude attempt to achieve cheap thrills, not to smoke a deadly concoction of green substances that resemble marijuana and surprisingly not to use one of the porta-loos in an attempt to poo standing up without touching the toilet seat or the piss stained walls. I will, however be attending in the hope that I will potentially witness some extreme DAGGERING in the flesh. I have been a keen follower of the Jamaican craze and hope to one day aspire to the professionalism and grace of Adidja Azim Palmer (that's Vybes Cartel to you PUTAAAS).

But on a serious note, less of the violence n more of the 'erb smoking!!!

In the words of the right honourable Elephant Man.."H-alrite"



Monday, 24 August 2009

Londons Finest all under 1 pop-up

Greetings all you hot Chicas and Chicos, with the bank holiday and Carnival weekend coming up, we know that there will be activities in an abundance and it would be damn near impossible to not find something poppin’ off. However I still deem it necessary to point you to the direction of THE RESET PART II. Those of you who attended the prequel will know what to expect, for those of you who didn’t I strongly recommend you find out for yourselves rather than miss out. Jam packed with some of the UK’s best street wear designers, food, drink, music from the undergrounds finest DJ’s and the laid back and relaxing Saturday afternoon Shoreditch vibe. Guaranteed to feel betta than the poontang on a sunday afternoon.



Monday, 17 August 2009


Here goes…Okay so we know that we’re potentially the 4 millionth mudasuckas to create a blog most likely about nothing, but this was setup o so long ago and we thought it was time to transfer faecal matter from our brains onto your screens...thus the creation of COCAINE’T4KIDZ by offthewALL, JonBoy, iZE (pronounced eyes) and myself JoeyDaKid…get to know!

Your first notion would be WTF!!! Or boo, but fuck you. The name was mainly the brainchild of offthewALL, and ourselves as we sat down in a J├Ągermeister and hashish induced stupor. Don’t ask how to pronounce or the meaning, what u should ask is how the fuck did I even end up reading. Well now you’re here I have a feeling we’ll be seeing you a lot more often. As you follow our penises in there mighty pursuit for va-jay and knob supremacy.