Saturday, 5 June 2010

Fixie'n BrickLane and Beers

Seeing as our beloved England blessed us with da sickest weather of the year so far on friday....
Couple of the lads spontaneously met up in Brick Lane for some red stripe and did abit'a fixie cruising....

.... and all I gotta say is.. BobbyDigital aka Raph is da biggest show off on this planet...

summer riding is magical I tell ya...


Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Belly's gonna GET YAAAAA!!!

My stomach is becoming some what bigger than normal... why?.... Because I faaakin lurrv beer!!
 (Using Harvard style referencing) Fig.1 , 2 & 3  support the above statement..




So I tweeted about it... got a random @ from this bot @bigbeerbellies ... (hate dat shit)..

@T_offthewALL see this awesome Beer Belly site

Clicked on it.. laughed my head off 4 about 5mins at the fat cunts on there... then thought fuck me.. that's all  the motivation I needed to hit the Gym...

Operation '50 Cent movie wieght loss' commence..