Thursday, 31 December 2009

Appy NEW YEAR...

2009 was certainly an evenfull year for man like I... alot has happend last 12months good/bad 'n h-ugly....
Well im signing out this year with a video from one of the highlights of my year...

P.s shout out the Raichel for making this... you did very well treacle x!



Monday, 28 December 2009

LieWei Art- No PhotoShop!

This Beijing artist with the birth label LieWie blends photography with performance art. Basically by creating illusions that make the impossible possible...
Apparently word on the streets is that the images are not even Photoshopped!! Some say he uses props such as metal wires, acrobats, mirrors and stunt wires....

Well check'em out and let your brain ponder as to how these images were created...

Ere's da website if you wanna look at more images hes got quite a few on there....


Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Fairy Tale Fantasies: iS this wronG???

This artist J.Scott Campbell is taking childrens fairy tale stories and making them into some sort of wankin' material... "How wrong is that!!".... I hear you say. Well it is very wrong but also on the other hand very aesthetically pleasing...
The 2010 calender named "Fairy Tale Fantasies" feature hotties from your favourite childhood books, such as Little red riding hood, Alice in wonderland and Tinkerbell to tinkle your winkle..ahaha..

Well check out some snippets from da calender..

Litte Red ONLY Rides the Hood

Snow White is a bad apple..

Explore Alice's very own Wonderlad

Tinkerbell wants to tickle your two Bells

The Little Big-Titted Mermaid

Goldilocks shags 3 bears??

Sleeping beauty gives you wet dreamz

Cinderella's clock hit midnight!

Well if u want one you can oder them HERE... (I don't know why da fuck anyone would pay for it tho)

Fairy Tale Stories + sexy calanders = fuck that, I'd rather 'knock one out' to real human beings...


Friday, 18 December 2009


f you ain't copped this album take yo stupid ass to HMV and buy this shit, I don't condone downloading but do what you have to do u have to do to get on dis Only Built for Cuban linx Pt.II

*Raekwon - Surgical Gloves


Ramdom Tubes: BoobTastic accident?

So we all know that when you go on youtube without an aim or search pattern, you always end up on the most random shit ever.... today I was a victim of that.. and I'd like to share with you all...

Hes hand really did go solo..

This does not look accidental..


Thursday, 17 December 2009

The MadNess (Mixtape)

Have posted quite a few J.PERIOD mixtapes on ere, but this one is slightly different. It Escapes the normal formality of hiphop mixes and dwells into the realm of political Neo-soul.
This time it is a collabo with the ever so lovely "Nneka" who is one of my favourite soulful singers right now.

Well ave a listen and let me know whatcha'll bitches think..

I would tell you to download her albums but that is ILLEGAL... so just google/youtube her if you like...


Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Random Tubes: BoLLYWood DReamZ:

The Matrix was  good.. but this a better...

Ever need horse riding lessons?
I highly recommend this dude.....

Indian Rambo: This is the coolest guy ever!

Indian Superman: I don't understand why she is wearing a spider man outfit..

Stuff sHE jusT Does not need to KNow!!.PART 1

Unavoidably its that time of the year again where everyone is starting to couple up again... Yup its time to get a Girl friend Lads (only for the winter months tho, there would be too many half naked poon in da summer for you to be tied down).
Anyway I was talking to a female mate of mine and she was telling me how this guy she is about to get with said to her Quote: "ahh i don't know why I broke up with my EX".... and it apparently put her off (for about 2days)...

Well from past research eres a couple things you shouldn't say Or your bird shouldn't know...

How many knotches you REALLY have..

Ok your probably proud of how many girls you've shagged... but letting your girl know is fucking stupid. she is gonna ask you anyway so mybe just give her a rough estimate... or just leave out all da one night stands and ugly ones...

Your Weakness and Fears

Whether you are scared of the dark, bunny rabbits, blood or your mother...... what ever you do DO NOT let your bird know! We all know how crazy/spiteful girls can be... she would defo use it against you during an argument.. and make you look like the biggest pussy ole in the history of mankind...

Stuff/Presents Your Ex Bought You

I swear.. the moment she finds out it was bought for you buy your Ex.. she is gonna try to either break it or "accidentally" lose it. Mate just pretend everything you own is yours or is a present from your mum.

*note: These views are not necessarily supported by all memebers of Cocaine't 4 kidz*

Winter Relationships + Fabricating the truth = dude... she will find something else to moan about...


Saturday, 12 December 2009

Hotty of the Week

Yo, I'm mad late with this weeks "Hotty of the Week", my sincerest apologies to all you whiny fucks. Aight so I'm doing my daily internet sweep for new materials and pass through my beloved know who you are and then as if the Gods spoke to me she appears in my google search.

Andrea Rincon

This weeks Hotty comes hails from Colombia, with 36D-12-40 measurements to boot, and s
tanding in at 5'6"...I sound like a boxing ring announcer. She's a glamour model who is famously quoted of saying I need to make love every half hour. Need I say more...

*Cheeks of Justice

"Hey Joey, what would you do, to have the chance to play a challenging game of table tennis with Andrea Rincon?"

That's an easy one, I would gladly let Goldberg spear me off the roof of my mums 1992 Nissan Micra into some delicately misplaced shards of glass and used heroin needles...Don't judge me, sometimes you have to take a gamble in life

Just Gimme a chance man!!!


Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Back for Da wEEKend?... da PablonatoR.....

So Pablo (my homeboy) came to London for the weekend from Espa├▒ol.... And as usual we went out an had a couple drinks and smoked some 'OG kush'....
Rendezvous  at 'What's Good' for some good 'hip'n and hop'n' shit... then chilled at Josh's warehouse for some more alcohol intoxication.
Took a couple flicks while we were at it aswel ....

Da Pablonator!



Josh's Crib.

Josh's ART.. gota luv da 'Poon'

Indoor bike riding..?

Paul da shit DJ

Josh- "what da fuck paul! u broke my decks!"

Shes Drunk...

Pablo back in london + a free weekend = Ok now lets get Fucked!


Tuesday, 8 December 2009

United coloRs...

Controversial United Colors Of Benetton Ad Campaigns through the years...?

Black Woman (1989)

Angel And Devil (1991)

Newborn Baby (1991)

Food For Life (2003)

James And Other Apes (2004