Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Fairy Tale Fantasies: iS this wronG???

This artist J.Scott Campbell is taking childrens fairy tale stories and making them into some sort of wankin' material... "How wrong is that!!".... I hear you say. Well it is very wrong but also on the other hand very aesthetically pleasing...
The 2010 calender named "Fairy Tale Fantasies" feature hotties from your favourite childhood books, such as Little red riding hood, Alice in wonderland and Tinkerbell to tinkle your winkle..ahaha..

Well check out some snippets from da calender..

Litte Red ONLY Rides the Hood

Snow White is a bad apple..

Explore Alice's very own Wonderlad

Tinkerbell wants to tickle your two Bells

The Little Big-Titted Mermaid

Goldilocks shags 3 bears??

Sleeping beauty gives you wet dreamz

Cinderella's clock hit midnight!

Well if u want one you can oder them HERE... (I don't know why da fuck anyone would pay for it tho)

Fairy Tale Stories + sexy calanders = fuck that, I'd rather 'knock one out' to real human beings...


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