Thursday, 25 February 2010

Different StRokes 4 Different FolKs...

Using your bellringers (fingers) on your female spouse (fuck friend) can have amazing results... especially for those geezers with small willies...
You gotta ave the right technique consisting of the right amount of fingers and motion speed..

But the real question is what is the right tekkers? Examples below..

I personally use The Rocker or The Showstopper

BBHOLLOGRAMZ goes for The Rocker too whiles Joey Da Kid uses The Pleaser technique (what a pussy)... no Pun intended..

Right amount of fingers + Motion + Correct Speed = "da bitch be cummin out of her ears!"


Monday, 22 February 2010

Irrelevant Flashes

While back my compardre's from Philadelphia came to chill in Landan 4 couple days...
So one of those nights we went market place to chill and bumped into IDRIS ELBA (aka Stringer Bell from the Wire).
He was cool an all, we got chatting an shit... but the wanker didn't let us take any pics with him! I kno, wat a piss take init!
so I just took random pics of uslot instead... "woopti-doo!"

Did you see Idris Elba in the background of a couple of those flicks??... hmmm thought not.. me neither.. 
But he was there so dont even think about calling me a fucking liar..


Thursday, 18 February 2010

The road is my RUNWAAAYYY!

Had to throw this one out's most likely gonna be on every UK blog or London blog...but guess where we're from!!!!

Ive been following the progress of this tune for a while and the video was as well executed as the tune.

This post is my appreciation to the vid and most importantly Likle P's self customised Boating u can tell, I'm a fan. Also styled by da ever growing UK clothing brand V-AG..

Check out the new vid by Nu Brand Flexxx - Runway...

As a yardie mic-man would say... "its h-absolute-ly good ya knoww.. more fire!"

Monday, 15 February 2010



Ok sooooooooooooooooooooo...Jandi...okay lemme start again.

OKAY SO JANDI FUCKING LIN is one visual piece of titillating aestheticism (yeah i make up do politicians).What can i say but she is Class A Porn Poon of this very month...

Not only is she tatted up from the ass up but...

she's a fucking goddess...she makes my poon-tee quiver shamelessly (lmao!)

Watch Jandi Lin create a WATER WORLD using one singular tool...HER POON!

IT'sa KFC Ting...

Just found some pics from a while back of when I borrowed my bros SLR and didn't ave a clue how to use it, an was taking pics on the lowest setting. (what a muppet).
But yea.. its of when I raided Joey da Kids place of residence an caught him mix'n some dubplates on de good'ol ones an twos.
We was meant to be going out that night but ended up getting as far as KFC after  smoking some Superkush and falling victim to da dreaded MUNCHIES!!

Hip hop + Super kush + KFC round da corner = faack it lets get some food an call it a night..


Sunday, 14 February 2010

Selah - Urban Songstress....

So there's a new urban songstress on the block... and she goes by the name Selah!
Well shes signed to Sony records already (which is pretty facking amazing) and has worked with the likes of Wretch32 and Swiss.

Ave'a look at her new single called "Bad Goodbye"

Loving the lyrics on the new track... she is defiantly one to look out for in the future! plus she's well FIT too, which always helps init....

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Alyssa Monks-- sHe is not a Photographer?

Ok so I'm not an art analyser or what'du'ma call'it... but I know when I see some facking good art.
A mate of mine who is into all that artsy fartsy melarky showed me this cool New York based artist namely Alyssa Monks.
When you 1st look at her work you'l think they where snap shots caught by a photographer or some shit..
BUT NOOO... she uses her majestic fingers to create such dazzling yet intricate images.

Eres a couple of my favs.

Obviously I had to pick the ones with the titties in....

fuck HD Television... This is HD ART!!


Wednesday, 10 February 2010

9th Wonder (New Mixtape)

Ere at Cocaine't 4 kidz we love a mixtape we do... especially if it'sa 'remix mixtape..

Check ouT this new 9th Wonder mixtape called "9th Invented The Remix...Again"

Its pretty sick if I say so myself....


Monday, 8 February 2010

My trusty B&W Image maKer..

Abit'a visual exoticness from Saturday night....

O ye... Follow me orrn Twitter @T_offthewALL



So recently most of us C4Z hombres have been mad lazy, eating,shitting, sleeping fucking up at every opportunity and getting into brief encounters with the you do. But we're back and will be posting regularly as we once did prior to putting on weight.

Why are you so handsome Joey and what has changed since we last blogged, you ask...

I changed up Ignacio and roll with my new lady Rosalita Maria Consuela Sanchez Martinez Suarez

offthewALL slept with Wayne Bridges Missus, he got in there while the coochie was still swolen from John Terry's beat down. He also began drinking Schnapps out of a bottle and brown paper bag and became an alcoholic.

Ize has been working non stop while touring with DL Records and Parlophones very own Tinie Tempa.
I had been attending WA (Wankers Anonymous) sessions, to cure my addiction to all hentai and exotic midget pornographies, where I bumped into JonBoy who had grown a beard and was binge drinking Milkshakes

Corinne Bailey Rae came back with a new album on 01/02/2010, titled The Sea, which I'm in love with already, Chester French finally put out a video for Ciroc Star, there were a couple shitty award shows, Liverpool and Arsenal lost, Lost came back and Superbowl 44 was a great watch
. Were back now, so no need to read those other shitty blogs when the best is back.

Peace Out!!!

Joey DaKid