Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Back FrOm aFrica...

..well I didn't really go to the mother land but I might aswel ave! The amount of Nigerian weddings and parties I have attended within da past couple months, I tell ya...

If you have ever been to an African party/wedding you can definalty relate to this post..

You know you are at an African social gathering when ...

"Spraying"...The celebrant &/or best dancers get showered with $dollars even thou we are in England.

All the daughters under the age of 30 have to help serve food.

Me plus 1 really mean me plus 100 and my whole tribe..

Live band playing sum serious "Shina Peters"

Supermalt & Guinness... as my pops would say... SUUPAMOT!! To wash down sum mouth watering Jelof and fried rice...

Not forgetting there is like 500 people in a hall with a maximum capacity of 100.. and by the end of the night you go home with packed lunch for work the next day and a whole bunch of random gifts such as mugs, bags, umbrellas and household cleaning products like bleach with da celebrants face on it....

You gotta love your culture..

Nigerians + big hall + birthday/wedding = "DANCE DANCE DANCE.. AND FORGET YOUR SORROWS!"

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