Tuesday, 25 May 2010

It muss be da asssss!!!

Whilst searching for the material for my latest post, which was going to be three music videos- explicit ones- ones you would see on Channel U at midnight about 5 years ago- I came across this Boo-tay shaker. Now I dunno about her face- but the quote that best sums up this chick is...
"It musss be da asss cos it aint yaaa face" Nelly- Tip Drill
I hope this chick gets the BOBBY DIGITAL seal of approval LMAO!
Yeaaaa boyyy.
Anyways here are them videos... not explicit versions. But those who know... know. Ya Get Mi!
I wanted to get NERD-Lapdance, but those douche bags over at Youtube.com have disbaledembedding on every single one. Derks.


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